Muru Wishbone Necklace - Sterling Silver

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This wishbone necklace is a symbol of wishes granted as well as luck & good fortune, making a unique gift for a loved one.

Make all your wishes come true with our stylish silver wishbone necklace!


  • Material:  Made from the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver
  • Height: 25mm
  • Length: 41-46cm (16-18 inches)
  • Product Code (sku):  P235

About Muru

Muru brings you empowering and inspiring designer jewellery with meaning. 

Muru believe's that jewellery should be an expression of your style as well as your hopes and aspirations, so all our jewellery is imbued with meaning and designed to promote positivity and wellbeing in different aspects of your life. Designed to be worn every day, each piece of Muru Jewellery is sentimental, playful and versatile. Their signature style of minimalist simplicity allows you to mix and match our pieces to create a meaningful jewellery statement that is as unique as you are.  Founded in 2006.