Anna Beck

We are excited to introduce you to Anna Beck

Joining our eclectic list of jewellery designers is Anna Beck, hand made ethically sourced and hand made by local crafts people, this is exactly what we're all about.

I’ve always loved travelling to the far-east, not just for the jewellery but for the diving and it’s when I am most relaxed and at one with the world and myself. When diving you get a real feel for a place, not only the locals who, in most cases feed their family through fishing and diving but also the impact the modern world has on the environment and local culture. 

Always keeping an eye out for ethical jewellery in terms of both environmental impact and support for local trades people I came across Anna Beck jewellery. I was mid website rebuild this winter and with lockdowns, managed to miss out on going to see the early release of the summer collection; fortunately, on a glorious summers day in July, I managed to finally get to central London to see this years limited edition winter collection alongside the summer one - A superb collection of pieces! 

Jewellery designer, Becky Hosmer, fell in love with Balinese jewellery making, while visiting the island nearly 20 years ago. She loved it so much that Becky relocated and set about creating a business that supported local people, hand making jewellery using traditional techniques all while minimising the environmental impact. The jewellery is, needless to say, stunning.  


My favourite pieces

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It’s amazing how the team at Anna Beck has managed to keep the pieces affordable and at the same time retain the artistry and support the local crafts people. I so often pass up makers because they sacrifice on the ethics of jewellery production and these days my standards increase with every dive! The impact to the planet and those trying to support a family are the two things I care about the most. Great jewellery should not come at the expense of the planet or take advantage of those making it. 

The first piece that caught my eye was the little gold elephant, reminding me of my first adventures to Thailand, age 19.  

The mix of golds, silvers combined with a free spirited, bohemian twist is just a bit of me that I hope appeals to you. Juliette x


“Each of the little gold or silver dots that our jewellery is known for is hand placed. It’s the same way it's been done for centuries”  

— Joanne, Anna Beck UK